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Our 300+ partner gym and fitness studios form the backbone of our company. Partner up with us on our mission to create the best fitness experience possible and watch as your business reaches unprecedented heights in revenue and visibility.

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A fitato pass gives access to all our partner gyms, so users can try out multiple activities (gym, yoga, Zumba, MMA, etc.) at different studios and get fit the way they want to!

Tap into our customer base and put your fitness studio on the map! We're always looking to expand our health and fitness studio network and would love to speak with you about partnering!

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Boost Your Revenue

Earn up to 100% increased revenue by partnering up with us. Tap into our customer base and let us fill up your unsold and empty spots with our Fitato customers. More revenue with minimal effort on your part.

Get New Leads

Increase Your footfall by 50% by letting us supercharge your marketing. With Over 35000 Fitato App downloads, you’ll get yourself a whole new world of fitness enthusiasts.


Amp Up Your Brand Visibility

Put your gym on the map. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing - Push notifications, corporate sessions, social media celebs, social media posts on Facebook & Instagram, promotional emailers.

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